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Last night was Ladies Night at my church. I love going to these once a month events. Our pastor’s wife is really creative, with an eye for detail, and she always decorates the tables with the most beautiful arrangements from items that cost her next to nothing. I didn’t think to bring my camera but next time I will. Essentially it is an evening of fellowship with light snacks and crafting for the women of the church and friends we are encouraged to bring from the community. The pastor came down from his office and read a devotion with some verses (Micah 6: 6-8) Then we painted / stamped planter boxes. It was neat to see the way how all the boxes began exactly the same, with the same selection of stencils, stamps and paints, yet the finished products were completely unique.

I’m contemplating using mine as a potato/onion box which is why I put the cover on it. It still needs something more but I haven’t decided what:


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Potholder holder

I got the idea from an old Country woman magazine ( I have a lot of those) and bought a rolling pin last summer at a yard sale so I could make this hanger. The strawberry potholders took me forever to complete because I had never appliqued before. I googled and I made a lot of mistakes and got more than a little bit huffy calmly experimented  and now I know how 🙂

My daughter is home from school and telling me about her day. When she does this I usually find myself wishing I had homeschooled. Today is no exception.

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